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Storm Takes Out Tree At B.B. Clarke Beach

I was outside this afternoon as a severe storm moved across Madison's isthmus.  While others go inside when storm clouds gather I tend to go in the opposite direction.  Wild weather draws me closer to the action.  

Willy Street Co-Op Plans For 2011 Street Construction, Neighborhood Concerned

Starting in April a major construction project will begin on Williamson Street which will impact businesses, motorists, and local residents.  As such there are many concerns in this most eclectic of Madison neighborhoods. 

To get in front of what promises to be lots of snarled traffic and disgruntled customers one Willy Street business is planning to take action this month which will hopefully take the sting out of next year's street project.  But by doing so they also will be irritating some local residents.

The Willy Street Co-op is planning to place a driveway on the Jennifer Street side of their parking lot as a means of egress for shoppers.  Neighbors were alerted to this news in a mailing this past week which stated the proposed driveway is to be completed this month.

Mayor Dave Blogs About His Favorite Things

Once in awhile my schedule takes me on a tour of Madison that reminds me why I love this job.

On Friday afternoon Dianne and I made our annual trip to Maxwell Street Days on State Street. We had lunch at Husnu's, and I picked up some bargains at Lands End and Jazzman. I had a great time, and I'm not sure I spent fifty bucks.

Friday evening I had a cameo appearance in the University Theatre's production of "The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee."

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Mayor Dave Blogs About Economic Strategy

We risk a plunge back into deep recession or worse if our federal government doesn't inject another shot of stimulus into our still anemic economic body. 

All this week, I'll be blogging on the response to the Great Recession. Let's start with the very strong, interesting and healthy debate going on right now nationally and even internationally about what the next step should be to help continue the recovery.

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