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Willy Street Co-Op GM Says Store Not Leaving Willy St. | Business

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Willy Street Co-Op GM Says Store Not Leaving Willy St.
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Willy Street Co-Op GM Says Store Not Leaving Willy St.

In a letter posted at www.willystreet.coop, co-op General Manager Anya Firszt said there are "no plans to leave 1221 Williamson St."

"We have discussed for some time whether to extensively remodel Willy East or to open another location on the near east side of Madison," Firszt said in the letter. "Two years ago we postponed those discussions to focus on opening Willy West."

Willy West is located on University Avenue in Middleton.

"A little over one year after that store opened, it is doing extremely well," Firszt said in the letter. "I would like to again thank our owners for their support."

Once Willy West was up and running, Firszt said discussions about the future of Willy East were restarted.

Firszt said Willy East needs a new floor, a better dock and many cosmetic improvements to continue serving owners in its current form. Despite these limitations, remodeling would be easier and less expensive in the short-term than opening a new location.

Firszt said they are exploring the option of opening a new store.

"We are exploring the possibility of locating a grocery store in the Urban Land Interests proposed development of the 800 Block of East Washington Avenue," she said in the letter. "We are not actively looking at other sites for a retail store at this time, but are always open to proposals."

"Even if we open a new retail site at 800 East Washington Ave. or elsewhere on the near east side, we have no plans to abandon 1221 Williamson St.," Firszt said.

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